The Red & Black Special Publications

As the Digital Producer and Social Media Editor for Special Publications, I am in charge of all of our social media accounts but primarily the Eat & Drink Instagram account.

I plan, create and post everything that you see on that account in addition to tracking analytics and constantly coming up with new ideas and content.

The digital producer side of this role comes into play with our newsletter, “Menu Item of the Week” and other food-related content that I come up with. I am responsible for crafting our weekly newsletter and editing and publishing our weekly menu item feature. In addition to these required parts of my role, I regularly brainstorm and contribute additional Eat & Drink content including reviews, features, guides and more.


I have worked at The Red & Black as both a contributing writer on the news desk and a photo contributor. You can read some of the articles I’ve written below or explore my photography, published and unpublished.


As the Athens News Matters intern at WUGA, I primarily produced and edited audio stories for the show. This involved pitching stories, setting up interviews, writing host scripts and questions, occasionally voicing, and editing audio to create the final product.

In addition to working on the Athens News Matters show, I helped with daily newscasts. I provided COVID-19 updates for both UGA and the local/state area throughout the week and occasionally wrote up other scripts for daily newscasts.

You can listen to my favorite stories I’ve produced by clicking the link below.


In high school, I started a blog offering advice on AP classes and exams, college applications, book recommendations, and the like. Over the years, the blog has morphed and changed with me as I’ve grown.

Today, my blog offers a wide variety of posts, from informative articles to personal column-style posts and lifestyle/travel posts. Similar to my personality, my blog can’t be boxed into one topic and spreads in many different directions, offering something for everyone.

The main goal of the blog is to provide like-minded 20-somethings with both useful and relatable content that balances interest and creativity with intellect and knowledge. Instagram is the main platform used to connect with this audience and share the content created for the blog. You can follow the Instagram account here (@lotsoflora) and view the blog with the button below.


The Thoughts of Lora podcast is partially an extension of the Lots of Lora blog and partially just an opportunity to work with a different medium and create content that interests me and may not be as suitable to a blog post format. I plan, script, record, edit, and publish all episodes myself.

Similar to the blog, the podcast features a range of topics and includes both solo episodes and episodes with guests. From book reviews to discussions about friendships, careers, and more, you are bound to find an episode that interests you.

Click the button below to subscribe and listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or most other prominent streaming platforms.


As the Blog Content Editor for Rouge Magazine, UGA’s only fashion publication, I was responsible for setting up an organization system to get us off the ground with the launch of our blog as we rebranded from “Little Red Book” to “Rouge Magazine”. Beyond helping writers come up with and refine their ideas and then editing their work before formatting it to be published on the blog, I wrote content for the blog, largely filling any gaps left by content that was not claimed by our writing team. You can read blog posts I’ve written by clicking the button below.

In addition to my duties as Blog Content Editor for Rouge, I have written for the print version of our magazine which is published each semester. I have linked the entire magazine PDF for the issues that I worked on because Rouge is a collaborative effort between all of our executive positions, with the help of our dedicated club members, to plan, design, and execute a magazine with a new theme each semester consisting of several photoshoots and articles to exemplify the theme. Every step of the process is planned in meticulous detail and accomplished by our team – all students with creative vision and passion. You can view the full issues and read the articles I wrote for them by clicking the buttons below.